Knowledge from travel, experiences, influenced Marie-Laure’s books. Her works touch on spirituality, connection with gods and spiritual beings, and learning from diverse cultures.

Over the years, Turkey, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgystan, Greece, Russia, Poland, North Africa, Spain, Italy, France, Ireland, Sweden, Norway, Iceland, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Portugal, New Zealand, India, Sikkim, Tunisia, Morocco, Chile, Argentina, Patagonia, Ecuador, Bolivia, Peru, Bahamas, St. Lucia, St. Thomas, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Mexico, Yucatan, Costa Rica, Kenya, Tanzania, Egypt, Israel, Crete, Iran. In all these travels she traveled independently, mostly alone and funded the trips out of her own pocket thanks to the generosity of her husband so that she could retain her independence in observing people and geography.

Out of the experiences of these long travels she has written 12 books, 8 of which are published.  Her reason for writing is to share her love of travels, of meeting the warmth of people of all races and ages and professions. In her writing she also wishes to share her long and devoted studies of the famous Scientist, Philosopher, and spiritual science master, Dr. Rudolph Steiner.

Beyond the Blood book cover showing multiple women smiling.

Beyond the Blood

“This book is meant to wet the appetite of the reader—to awaken an interest in pursuing an understanding of some of the major events in mankind’s evolution and perhaps seeing some of the most stunning sites on our Earth. If that happens then I have accomplished my task.” – Introduction of Beyond the Blood

Camino Walk book cover showing shadows through a wicker basket.

Camino Walk

“After many years of thinking about a longer walk, the opportunity finally comes. My daughter is in college, my son out of college, and my husband understands that I am not happy unless I go on journeys.” – page 12 of Camino Walk

Deliverance of the Spellbound God cover showing a fountain through a doorway.

Deliverance of the Spellbound God

“Then there was a subsequent trek to a Mt. Everest base camp in the spring of 1979[…]. Two important things suddenly dawned on me during that trip: I needed to study with a Buddhist master, and I wanted to have a child—sooner rather than sometime in the future.” – page 2 of Deliverance of the Spellbound God

Letters from Florence cover showing a stone church through a window overlooking the city.

Letters from Florence

“I was headed to a place for backpackers, which I’d discovered through a leaflet in a Munich youth hostel. It seems I continue to travel the way I did thirty years ago, not yet realizing that I am no longer a ‘youth.’ But it didn’t matter; the hostel has disappeared.” – page 1 of Letters from Florence

Nutrition for Enlightened Parenting cover showing plates of colorful food on a table.

Nutrition for Enlightened Parenting

“My friend, like many others in our Western society of plenty, has chosen a path to transform herself. It is an initiation into freeing ourselves of obsessions, of instinctual behavior, and one in which we regain control—control over food. This is all about freedom—freedom to determine what we want, not our bodily desires, instincts, and needs.” – page 2 of Nutrition for Enlightened Parenting

Touched cover showing Egyptian hieroglyphics.


“In my life, I have been on countless adventures and plan on many more, but apart from the joys and sufferings of marriage and motherhood, none has touched me as much or has been as mysterious and fulfilling as my adventures with colors.” – page 3 of Touched

Via Podiensis, Path of Power cover showing stone columns.

Via Podiensis, Path of Power

“Learn to keep silent, and power will come to you
Give up power, and the ability will come to you
Give up willing, and feeling will come to you
Give up feeling, and knowledge will come to you”
– Rudolph Steiner, Esoteric Lessons

Wisconsin Hills Farm Stories cover showing pink flowers in the tall grass.

Wisconsin Hills Farm Stories

“The sky today was a deep indigo with large cumulus clouds boding ominous weather, and I still had several rows of hay to collect. I mentally repeated to our friends, the clouds: Please, not now—just another hour and I will be unloading hay with a 50-year-old tractor finished. Then you can drop your blessed water on the land! Lo and behold the rain came, a few drops at first, just before I finished.” – page 14 of Wisconsin Hills Farm Stories

The Way of the Spirit cover which shows a strange rocky landscape.

The Way of the Spirit

“New Zealand came knocking at my door when  a very talented artist, Emily Fletcher got in touch with me.   Emily lives in Wellington NZ, and is the editor of “sphere” magazine and  director of   ‘Almandria’  an institution offering many artistic activities to the public with Marc her co-worker. She  had read my book ‘Touched’  and wanted an interview for an article for ‘Sphere’.  Subsequently ,   I told her I might come and visit.” – page 6 of The Way of the Spirit

Hello From Asia: One Woman’s Journey Through the East

“…to become aware of how human evolution progressed and is progressing ALL OVER THE GLOBE, I went on my next venture. To see with my own eyes, what I have been reading about for decades now, to get a feel for what is coming next, what is trying to emerge, in these days of battles of Light and Dark, earthy/heavenly forces.” – page 1 of On the Road

From Global to Cosmic Consciousness: Diving Into Our Chaotic Time with the Light of Anthroposophy

I began to read  the many tales, stories , biographies written by conscientious human beings , heroes in my view who dared to speak the truth about the reality of contemporary life and bringing to light the life of amoral individuals […] after 9 months of going through these very often painful stories I am ready to put it all together.” – page 1 of From Global to Cosmic Consciousness

Cathar Country and Deodat Roché:
Its Importance for the Future

This book is currently in process with an estimated release date in April

The Little House in the Canadian Rockies: An Ode to Mountain Life

This book is currently in process.

The Pacific Northwest: A Celebration

This book is currently in process.