From Global to Cosmic Consciousness

Diving Into Our Chaotic Time with the Light of Anthroposophy

I have come
To the frightening conclusion that
I am
The decisive element.
It is my personal approach that creates the climate It is my daily mood that makes the weather.
I possess tremendous power to make life miserable or joyous.
I can humiliate or humor, Hurt or heal.
In all situations, it is my response that decides whether
A crisis will be escalated or de-escalated and a personHumanized or de-humanized.
If we treat people as they are, we make them worse. If we treat people as they ought to be,
We help them become what they are capable of Becoming. 

      “Two things need to be engraved in one’s soul today like golden rules. Never, has there been such a need as in our fifth post-Atlantean epoch for people to make an increasing effort to achieve what is of such particular value: understanding spiritual-scientific knowledge. It is true that spiritual-scientific knowledge has to be sought through clairvoyant insight into the spiritual world ; that is a necessity. It goes without saying that there must be clairvoyants to research into the spiritual world, that there must be those who strive for spiritual knowledge. Secondly, however, it is of particular importance that people are found who are by virtue of their intellectual power able to understand this spiritual-scientific knowledge, this knowledge that has been sought in supersensible worlds. The rational grasp of spiritual science is vitally necessary today, for it is the means whereby the opposing cultural forces are overcome. Man’s intellect today is so vast that the whole of spiritual science can be understood where there is a will. Moreover , cultivating an understanding of this nature is a matter of universal cultural interest and not an egotistical affair. For such an understanding can be striven for if those intellectual forces which are employed today in scientific domains on all sorts of trivial projects, frittered away in modern economic life and, moreover , applied in futile and perhaps even soul-destroying technology are to be used in a suitable way, so that people are no longer misguided from their earliest childhood onwards. ……../this is one aspect.

               The other golden rule is this, that something more is needed today if the gifts of the spirit are to be made fruitful for our culture. The first is something that must be wrested from Ahriman. People today are so clever, for Ahriman sees to it that this is so. Oh, how clever people are !  but they apply their cleverness only for materialistic ends. ……../but something else is also necessary. Much still needs to be wrested from another spirit. We need not merely cleverness with which to gain a real insight into spiritual knowledge but we need above all and with the greatest urgency, qualities of liveliness, enthusiasm, fire and warmth in those human souls who are the recipients of these spiritual gifts. We need people who can demonstrate the reality of these spiritual riches with the whole of their souls. It is in  the realm of the inner life that this knowledge must be wrested from the luciferic powers, which are now active in the world. ……………../” p.41-43 August 19, 1918 

             From “ Human Evolution” by R. Steiner- RSP-2014 GA 183

“At forty-five years of age, Angleton was impressive and ominous. Most nights, he worked late in his office. He sat behind the raised desk stacked with files. As always, he kept the room dim, with just one desk lamp spotlighting his work.” The only lights came from the tip of Angleton’s  inevitable cigarette,” wrote biographer Tom Mangold, “ glowing like a tiny star in the dark firmament of his private planet, and the dirty brown sun of his desk lamp, permanently wreathed by nicotine clouds.” 

       One awestruck FBI man saw him as a wraith: ”His hair was slicked back from a pale forehead, a bony blade of nose, sunken cheeks, and elegantly pointed chin—chiseled , cadaverous face. His deep set eyes were emphasized by arched brows, framed by horn-rimmed bifocals and lit with controlled fire. He was stooped and slightly twisted.”

       ……../ “a collection of angles…. Clearly impatient with stupidity. Tall and cadaverous… the most sinister man I have ever seen.”   

          “ The ghost “by Jefferson Morley- St. Martin’s press- p. 133) 

         James Jesus Angleton was working for counterintelligence from 1948 until his forced retirement/removal in 1974. Angleton had been

    “quietly building an alternative CIA, subscribing only to his rules, beyond peer review or executive supervision…”   from “Cold Warrior”- by tom Mangold- simon and shuster-1991) 

       He was responsible for much of the irrational fears spread around the world about Russia and witches hunt within the United States. In his own words:

        “ An organization must be feared to be effective. It doesn’t mean you do fearful things, but it does mean you must be respected…. Even agents on the  payroll must fear you, and feel that you’re omnipresent, and that therefore they better not betray you, or you’ll know…. “ james Angleton, july l977. p. 245 

            From “ Cold warrior” by tom Mangold

Why begin this journey with this picture?  

    This journey is unlike my other books which all centered on major world  travels with added insights from R. Steiner’s many lecture cycles on the relevant topics. 

           The state of affairs in North America has become so desperate that I needed to plunge myself into this deluge, chaos, besides living in it daily.  So I began to read  the many tales, stories , biographies written by conscientious human beings , heroes in my view who dared to speak the truth about the reality of contemporary life and bringing to light the life of amoral individuals . I proceeded to acquire an unusual library which took me to places I had never thought of experiencing:  generals in the usa army/navy/air force , colonels, journalists seeking the truth about narcotics, case officers, analysts, professors, correspondents, diplomats, former spies, CIA agents,  CEO of major companies, government officials of high ranks, etc… after 9 months of going through these very often painful stories I am ready to put it all together. The Why  enfolds as the journey  proceeds into some the darkest corners of this past century and this new century. 

         And so I started with James Jesus Angleton. He is a perfect example of a human being, taken over by dark ahrimanic forces.

        After each section, I will bring in insights by Dr. Steiner from the vast collection of lectures and writings in order to have the balance, therefore a healing force and understanding into these apocalyptic times. I couldn’t have done this painful work without the insights given to us by anthroposophy. The reader can spend time meditating on the contents which often time is extremely complex, and thereby bring in a much needed balance.