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One Woman’s Journey Through the East: Parts 1 and 2

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An adventurous woman’s tales into history, literature, religions with insights from R. Steiner. From Bangkok to Mongolia and from Samarkand to Lhasa, Tibet via China’s silk road

 The challenges presented by our age really have to be faced by every individual human being today. ……./to understand the way individuals need to face those challenges we must be aware of HOW HUMAN EVOLUTION PROGRESSES ALL OVER THE GLOBE……/ there are certain powers that have different goals for mankind than the powers who desire to guide humankind in the normal course of evolution……/ some of those powers we could call Luciferic, others Ahrimanic……./” P. 1 march 5, l920

From “ Polarities in the Evolution of Mankind”- BY R.Steiner- GA 197-RSP-1987-

        To pursue what is quoted above, to become aware of how human evolution progressed and is progressing  ALL OVER THE GLOBE, I went on my next venture. To see with my own eyes, what I have been reading about for decades now, to get a feel for what is coming next, what is trying to emerge, in these days of battles of Light and Dark, earthy/heavenly forces.” – page 1 of On the Road

Part 1 (coming soon)
Part 2 (coming soon)