Sacred Paintings

Sacred paintings are paintings which heal the space they occupy due to the way they are painted. Each painting takes as long as 2/3 months. Each layer of light color has to dry before another layer is applied. It takes sometimes more than 100 veils to achieve the luminosity of the colors, always having in mind the laws of Light and Dark.

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Photos of Sacred Paintings and what inspired them

“Her whole work is a testimony to this simple statement of body, soul and spirit, or thinking (light), feeling (color), and will (darkness). To implement it, however, she told me herself, is another story, and it is a long, long apprenticeship and battle and there is no guarantee that one will be successful, meaning that one must always strive and never take anything for granted.”

Touched pg. 17.

“As one can imagine, this work is transforma- tive, life changing, and confrontational. And to lead a whole schooling in this work demands enormous forces; that is why it is taught by two people who can help each other and give each other support to face the challenges brought about by the students’ struggle.”

Touched pg. 17-18

“Training her students meant that they had to experience the cosmic powers of light and darkness and the coming into being of the colors. As students, we experience these pro- cesses with charcoals applied with our hands on charcoal paper; we experi- ence the meeting of light and darkness. This is a far cry from conventional artistic training these days. The meeting of light and dark is sometimes a tender one. Sometimes it is a high drama; sometimes both, but it is an experiential meeting of cosmic forces.”

Touched pg. 20.

She calls her painting, the “New Icons”. She paints most often, from the work of Liane Collot D’Herbois, like the old masters!

She has gained her expertise in colors, thanks to her gardening and her teachers, the flowers.