Beyond the Blood

A Celebration of Judaism, Islam, and Christianity

A Personal Journey Across Foreign Lands and Centuries with Insights from Spiritual Science

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This book is meant to wet the appetite of the reader—to awaken an interest in pursuing an understanding of some of the major events in mankind’s evolution and perhaps seeing some of the most stunning sites on our Earth. If that happens then I have accomplished my task.

We have not merely learned something; we have become more alive through what we have learned.

— Rudolf Steiner, The Gospel of St. John and Its Relation to the Other Gospels

A whole picture of reality can only be acquired by looking beyond the type of blood flowing in a person’s veins and instead asking where the soul originates that is only served by this blood.

— Rudolf Steiner, Universal Spirituality and Human Physicality: Bridging the Divide

“What you think today you’ll be tomorrow,” does indeed come true. You have to understand that when people have bad, corrupt ways of thinking in one age, the next generation and the next age will have to pay for this physically.

— Rudolf Steiner, Original Impulses for the Science of the Spirit
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