Wisconsin Hills Farm Stories

Adventures of a Biodynamic Farmer

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Photos from Wisconsin Hills Farm Stories (not in order)

The beings of the elemental kingdom—the gnomes, undines, sylphs, salamanders—help build up and form the plants. These beings were led and influ- enced by certain higher beings who are now with- drawing from this activity, just as at certain times these higher beings withdraw their influence within human beings and apply themselves to higher tasks. The elemental spirits are thus left to themselves, and other spirits (Lucifer, Ahriman) seize them and draw them away from their work in forming the plants. The result will be a diminution of the spiritual forces of the plants and a gradual general atrophy, against which artificial fertilizers will not help.

What must now be striven for is that human beings familiarize themselves with the elemental kingdom, and that they attempt to come in connection with these elemental spirits. In a sense, human beings must take over and prevent other powers from using the elemental kingdom and must strive to influence these spirits in such a way that they continue to assist the growth of plants.